1. untitled 26:52 [mp3]
2. untitled 22:40 [mp3]

taku sugimoto plays: electric guitar and 6-string bass guitar
burkhard stangl plays: electric and acoustic guitars
christof kurzmann plays: g3 and clarinet

date: April 10, 2001
live at: OFF SITE, Tokyo
recorded by: Taku Sugimoto and Tetuzi Akiyama
compositions by: sugimoto, stangl and kurzmann

Much of what has been said, has been already said in perfect form. For today's artist nothing else remains than to do what seems to be the artist's task: to repeatedly express the topoi, which cover the spiritual, mental and emotional status of mankind to represent them as well as to make them visible. And to make clear, that the development of tools, devices, or technology in total (or productive strength, as Marx called it) only shows one part of the human continuation. One of the elements mankind invented to represent itself as a whole - the artistic expression - is engraved on this CD. On their CD "Live in Tokyo. First concert, second take" the three musicians taku sugimoto, burkhard stangl and christof kurzmann develop a fine sonic network of touching commitment, leaving enough space for interpretation. The semantics of the language they knit seemlessly unfolds into music. The restraint melancholy which is resonant at all times and the disturbed gentleness, which is inherent in all of the sounds remind us of the romanian-french writer e.m.ciorna, who said: "Music, this system of seperations, leaves you thinking about physics, whose starting point would not be the seperated atoms, but tears".

taku sugimoto: A guitarist, who as a dialectically turned merzbow, celebrates the beautiful strength of silence and fragility. His fine guitar-sound penetrates every musical constellation with crystalline elegance.

burkhard stangl: A guitarist, who is driven by his sound-research toward quietness and abstraction, requests and underruns the perception of improvised music with his warm guitar sound.

christof kurzmann: A laptop player, who challenges his musical partners with electronics - almost already paradoxical - to even more quietnes and precision by placing his computer-generated sounds with an exact ear into an acoustic environment. Textures appear that where unheard so far; an engagement of electronics with electromechanical and acoustic instruments.