12" LP
 45 RPM
 250 copies

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Side A

Side B
   Ice Walk

Recorded and composed by Robert Piotrowicz 2010-2011.
Performed on modular synthesizer.
Remixed and remastered in 2015 by Robert Piotrowicz.
Vinyl mastering and cut by Rashad Becker at DM Berlin.
Designed by Lasse Marhaug.

Stara Szkoła Ze Złota brings together two previously unpublished pieces. While they could be both described as para-archival material, they echo the most classic and quintessential of Piotrowicz's work, and yet remain distinctly modern and actual in relation to the composer's recent output.

The three last records of the artist demonstrated very different features of his music; recently the listeners could relish the sensual electroacoustic When Snakeboy Is Dying, Lincoln Sea with its monumental electronic form or the unusual spoken opera Samoobrona.

In Stara Szkoła... we find the most significant aspects that lay at the core of Piotrowicz's composition and sound, namely the intense, mesmerising synthesizer work, the rich structures full of details and flaring harmonics, framed with great compositional care and drama plot.

Side A, Calamitas is a synthesis of tensions of the sound block. The cold and rapid forces are set in contrast with almost folklorish phrases and with delicate, melancholic sound events in the background. On the flip side, Ice Walk takes a longer run to develop, majestically growing and embracing its vital organic cluster with repetitions, only to break into strong and energetic rock-like passages that retain the full complexity and immensity.